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Join the CF Appreciation Program

As a member of the CF Community, you are entitled to specific programs aimed at improving the morale and welfare (M&W) of individuals, families and the community as a whole.
Due to the nature and size of the CF community, there are a number of different types of identification cards and categories of membership.  We have envisioned the creation of one card to identify ourselves as being part of One Community – One Million Strong.  
In an effort to ensure that the M&W programs continue to be made available to our community, we are asking our CF community members to complete and submit the registration form.  The information provided will be used to create a unique identification number and a letter/card that can be used as valid identification to present to our Industry Partners upon request.

Please complete one form for each member of your family. 




If you are a former member of the Canadian forces, please include a copy of one of the following with your completed application form.  A copy of, your record of service card, your service certificate, discharge papers, a pension statement or any written correspondence with the CF or veterans affairs.


This information is being requested as this program is unable to access the databases used to hold former members personal information.  By providing us with proof of affiliation, you are consenting to the CF Appreciation Program that you were in fact a member of the Canadian Forces Community.


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