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What is the program?

The CF Appreciation Program was created to offer a variety of discounts to Canadian military personnel and their families in recognition of their sacrifices and dedication. The program expanded to include some of the world’s brands and major businesses, and is being enhanced and expanded into new markets.

The CF Appreciation Program aims to incorporate new business categories and more attractive incentives within the existing program to meet the ever evolving needs of our Canadian Forces community. Particularly in the areas of family attractions, leisure travel, entertainment and accommodations.

How does it work?
The program offers rate reductions and incentives that are exclusive to members of the Canadian Forces through the CF Appreciation Program website. To ensure the success of the program, meaningful and attractive offers will drive the purchasing power of the Canadian military community to your business.
The Canadian Forces Appreciation Program is administered by the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, an internal organization that exists solely for the benefit of current and former members and their families. Thanks to the nature of this organization, no commissions or mark-ups are applied to provide discounts. By signing an agreement that outlines the nature of the offer put forward by your business to the Canadian Forces community, 100% of the incentive reaches its target audience.  Making changes to the offer is easy and withdrawal from the program may be accomplished at any time.

What is the Canadian Forces Community?

The Canadian Forces community involves an addressable market in excess of 1,000,000 people. It is composed of:

Serving Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member

•    CAF Regular Force Members:  includes officers and non-commissioned members who are enrolled for continuing, full-time military service.  Includes students on full-time study status (such as Regular Officer Training Program).

•    CAF Reserve Force Members: includes the Primary Reserve (serving on one of three classes of service – A, B and C), the Canadian Rangers and the Cadet Organization Administrative and Training Service. 

Former CAF member

•    Those members of the CAF who have successfully completed Basic Military Training; and, have been released from the CAF with an honourable discharge. These requirements apply equally to those CAF members who have served in the Reserves.

Foreign military member serving with the CAF

•    Members of foreign military service, either posted to, or on training at a CAF installation (Base, Wing, Unit, College). This includes Foreign Military Attachés.

Member of the Defence Team

•    Current DND Public Servants: refers to full-time and part-time employees of the Public Service of Canada, employed within the Department of National Defence (excludes employees on casual employment status and students on the Federal Student Work Experience Program).

•    Current Staff of the Non-Public Funds (NPF): refers to the full-time and part-time workforce which contributes to the delivery of Non-Public Property programs and activities, reflected as a Separate Agency listed under Schedule 5 of the Financial Administration Act.  

•    Current Staff of Military Family Resource Centres (MFRCs): refers to full-time and part-time employees of MFRCs (excludes employees on casual employment status and volunteers). 
•    Current full-time and part-time Staff of Defence Research and Development Canada and Defence Construction Canada. 

•    RCMP: refers to uniformed and civilian police officers within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Forces.

•    Honorary Colonels / Captains (N) and Honorary Lieutenant-Colonels / Commanders: officers on virtually all issues except operations. They work behind the scenes and provide a connection between the community and the CAF. On the recommendation of the Chief of the Defence Staff, the Minister of National Defence approves all honorary appointments. These unpaid positions are usually for tenures of three years, but they are renewable.

NPF or RCMP Pensioner

•    Former Staff of NPF receiving a pension

•    Former RCMP in receipt of a pension

Families of the above

•    The member’s spouse or common-law partner who is normally residing with the member at the member’s place of duty or who, if living separately, is doing so for military reasons;

•    A relative by blood, marriage, common-law partnership, adoption legally or, is normally resident with the member and for whom the member may claim a personal exemption under the Income Tax Act; 

•    A child who is normally resident with the member and for whom the member would have been eligible to claim a personal exemption under the Income Tax Act if the child were a relative by blood, marriage, common law partnership, adoption legally or, in fact, for whom the member has accepted full financial responsibility and has commenced adoption proceedings; 

•    A child or legal ward of the spouse or common-law partners and the member who is single and in full-time attendance at school or university and is under the age of 26; and

•    A family member who is permanently residing with the member, but who is precluded from qualifying as a dependant under the Income Tax Act because the family member receives a pension.   

The military community demographic includes Canadians of all ages, genders, family and marital status, cultural backgrounds, education and income levels living across the country and abroad. Businesses participating in the program may offer customized solutions that target specific or regional segments or the entire community.
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